Saturday, February 14, 2009

Holiday why You End so Fast.

It is normal to say that i never satisfied with any holiday and no matter how long the holiday was. The same thing happens to me this chinese new year new year holiday . hoooo...m!why holiday never enough. haha! There is nothing i can do to turn back the time to enjoy the holiday in different way. So the month of Feb just began and the challenges of this must be past no matter what and that is the faith. This month there is number of my friends birthday they are Arlena(4th feb) , Sheun Ling(5th Feb) and Nabil(12th Feb). hum i just love my friends celebrated Shuen Ling's birthday(we pour milo, soya and nescafe on her). Hum that is the besy path of the week and definitely there is nothing to be tell about the german test and the physics test that made the whole week a different and they are my first Ausmat test.

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