Friday, June 19, 2009

45 years ago

Glimpses of your eyes melt me forever,
My wrinkled skin still sense you around,
My Bat eyes still visualize you around,
As though you are still around,
My mind never knew you were gone eternally,
My mate never arouse me like you
Even when 45 years past,
My heart still bleeds since the day
you lay to rest forever,
My duty for all breathing souls surrounding me,
Distanced the Undertaker
From my living corpse until today,
We will be together besides Him,
The belief carried me 45 years.

At last the lonely Soul meets his Lover,
The pen dropped to the floor….


Sunday, March 1, 2009

The fear of future

There will be always a fear that terror ourselves. The fear of how we are going to built our future. It is not wrong to think or more appropriate plan the future but it is wrong to be fear about it. Well this matter might look that small to some person’s viewpoint but the fact is that the fear causes the life of many innocent small kids. “When you don’t do well in school you’re a loser and you future is nowhere” don’t you ever heard this phase in some of part of your life journey. Recap that again and look how it does affect your life. If you’re a person who did very well in school, look behind and think do you did that because it is your passion of knowledge in text book or the passion of true knowledge of the world. You have to know that knowledge in text books is totally different that the knowledge of world. Knowledge in text books are just meant to pass all the exams but the knowledge of world is what I think that is what we as human kind supposes to seek. Knowledge of world means that whatever knowledge that is useful for us in order to handle the harsh life and can make use of any opportunity around us. The smart person should be labeled to those people that learned to master the time, way to social, and definitely those who able to think out of the box. She/he who has no trouble to be success even the world has no future if they have this knowledge of world. There is now syllabus to learn this knowledge and you create it by you own. Therefore there is no time frame for you to master, take your own time to master them. Don’t be fear to learn because all of us are design to learn as aero plane designed to fly. Believe in it and no matter how hard it is you will learn them. For those how are unable to excel in the exams it is not the end of the world because knowledge thought in school is not the only knowledge or the way to be success, it is one of many ways to success. Hard work, passion and dedication are the only way; for those lazy people learn not to be lazy. Dream builds the world.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Holiday why You End so Fast.

It is normal to say that i never satisfied with any holiday and no matter how long the holiday was. The same thing happens to me this chinese new year new year holiday . hoooo...m!why holiday never enough. haha! There is nothing i can do to turn back the time to enjoy the holiday in different way. So the month of Feb just began and the challenges of this must be past no matter what and that is the faith. This month there is number of my friends birthday they are Arlena(4th feb) , Sheun Ling(5th Feb) and Nabil(12th Feb). hum i just love my friends celebrated Shuen Ling's birthday(we pour milo, soya and nescafe on her). Hum that is the besy path of the week and definitely there is nothing to be tell about the german test and the physics test that made the whole week a different and they are my first Ausmat test.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The first Week of Ausmat classes

4th January 2008 is the day of my new course Ausmat starts after the 6 month of heavy language month. During the last 6 month my classmates and I just learned German and English language. Well it looked simple but it has the consequences of forgetting our Physics , Chemistry and mathematics formulae and all the information that make these subjects to be an important in our life. The thing that i realise is that as a JPA student I must study harder than usual and make some revision of my subject previous in SPM. The first day starts with orientation and briefing about our course. The timetable seem to be slight relax compared to last year. The new room for my Ausmat course is B3011. It is one big and nice room just beside the field ,so every short break i and friends could hang out there and watch some nice scenery. For this year there is some new private students .They will be studying with us all the subject except German language. The first subject that I studied in the course is Calculus . Well this subject seem to be pretty tricky and fun in same time. The introduction to Ausmat subject was introduced to all of us in the first week of the course. The main thing that interest me is the amount of assignment that my friend and I have to be completed . Well one of it is "making your own blog". This is why i have no choice other than opening my own new blog. I never thought , i will be opening a blog because i am not a person that like to be in the Internet and writing my daily life and so on in the Internet. Well in order of getting some marks for my total assignment for the Ausmat and in the same time improve my English I started this blog and I hope that I will enjoy to blog and make blogging as my hobby. I would like to call this blog as U.D.W(Ultimate Darwin World). This name is really something special to me.

your faithfully
Darwin Subramaniam
(Engineering Class 3 (German)
Kbu College

Copyright@ U.D.W Cooperation